Technology Transfer Service provides consulting services to evaluate existing process equipment in the non-woven and recycling industry for our customers in several stages and based on our initial review report we will continue to work with you based on your target to evaluate the production line in regards to the following:

  • Productivity and possible improvements

  • Product adjustments were needed

  • Operation time and operator knowledge

  • Maintenance and routine service planning

  • Evaluation of current preventive maintenance plans and make recommendations

  • Waste reduction during process and present removal cost

  • Raw material adjustment were necessary

  • Possible reductions in overall operating cost by adding important process features

  • Operator training and procedures

  • Review spare part availability and selection for preventive maintenance program

  • Recommendation on equipment changes were needed

  • Market adjusted product improvements and new product capabilities

At the end of this evaluation process we will present our full report to management including detailed recommendations on our findings and possible solutions to be implemented.

The time required to complete this evaluation depends on the individual condition of the production equipment, its age and operator performance as well as raw materials in use related to the final product.

Cost for evaluations will be provided on a per project basis. Please contact us for rates and terms of service.