Rag Tearing Machinery

Rag tearing machine with large diameter tearing drums usually 5 to 6 in row each with different pin population to achieve maximum fiber results. Bit return to front section via air conveying, rag feeder system according to size either large hopper feeder or chute feeder for smaller clippings.

Pin population from 25,000 to 95,000 per tearing drum depending on material.

Tearing drum diameter 1000 mm Working widths 1000 & 1500 mm

Dust suction system included 2000 mm upon request 

Rag Tearing Line for OE Fibers  

This tearing line is designed to produce OE yarn basis from textile clippings, usually in 6 steps, the clippings are transported from section to section via individual air separators to achieve the maximum results in final fiber quality. Pin population increase from one tearing position to the next one, unopened bit return to front clipping station to avoid unopened material is transported to the automatic baler.

Working width from 1000 to 15000 mm Tearing drum diameter 800 mm