NEW High Speed Design
Needle Loom

This newly developed high speed needle loom design is without any crankcases, the connecting rods connecting the excenter drive to the needle beam is with carbon bushings and they are water cooled in a close loop, additionally the crank shaft is further cooled by blowing ambient air onto it during operation.
The stroke amplitude is adjustable by exchanging the connecting discs of the excenter shaft the crankshaft is segmented and equipped with a counter balance shaft to eliminate vibration to a maximum.

Stroke Amplitude                  from 20 to 100 mm
Number of Strokes                      up to 1600/min
Line Speeds                                 up to 15 m/min
Working width                             up to 7000 mm

Single or double needle beam for up/down stroke combination. 

Velour Needle Punching Machine   

The velour needle-punching machine is with double beam design and is either an in line or off line set up. The bedplate is a moving brush belt precisely driven by servo motor control, brush segments are easy exchangeable. 

Needle capacities for both needle beams 14,000 per meter working width.

Stroke capacities     1600/min 
Stroke amplitude        
25 mm
Line speeds     up to 6 m/min 

Needle Punching Machinery

We manufacture and deliver different types of needle punching machinery suitable for the general non-woven production. For low density and lightweight products our mechanical design with a single shaft excenter drive is used.

Characteristics of our basic design are:
Stroke Amplitudes fixed Number of Stroke
Line Speeds
20, 40, 60 and 75 mm maximum 600/min up to 10 m/min

The TTS high-speed needle loom design is with oil filled crankcases suitable for all types of non-woven production, the design features for this type of needle looms are

Stroke Amplitudes fixed Number of Stroke
Line speeds
20,30,45,60,75 mm maximum 1200 /min up to 14 m/min

All our needle looms are built for a maximum working width of 7000 mm

Needle boards and bedplates are pneumatically clamped for quick removal, bed and stripper plates are height adjustable by means of screw jack system encoder controlled. All looms can be supplied with either single or double needle beams in combination up/down stroke set up.