Fiber Fine Opener

The fibers have to pass through a series of 4 saw tooth wire wound rolls thus achieving a maximum of fiber opening by preserving the blend ratio, dust and lumps of fibers are extracted and collected below the opener into a through connected to the filtration system. A metal detector and separator device protects the saw tooth wired opening rolls from damage.

Capacity at 100 inch working width 1,000 kg/hr (2,200 lb/hr)

Automatic Bale Opener    

Automatic Bale Opener Series equipped with Bale Loading Buckets. The Bale Openers are designed to have a fiber reserve to minimize loading during operation. Each of the Bale Opener has a max. Throughput capacity of 1.000 Kg/Hr. (2.200 Lb./Hr.) The loading buckets operated pneumatically, a safety mat system protects the operator from injuries while loading the bales. 

Blend Pre-Opener    

The diameter of the opening roll is 800mm and is equipped with Aluminum pin lags for ease of replacement. The protecting cover is pneumatically opened for maintenance and cleaning, the feed rolls are spring loaded to prevent fiber lockup. 

Cross Blend Conveyor    

The collecting cross conveyor works in sync with the bale openers and transports the fibers towards the pre opener a slow rpm fiber distribution roller is built into the system to even the fibers before entering the pre opener 

Bale Loading Bucket

Bale Loading Bucket

Modular Dust Filtration System

JYEQ model Honeycomb Dust-filtering Unit is an elaborative new-pattern high-efficiency energy saving dust-filtering system that consists of a Two Stage Dust-filtering Unit.

In the First Stage the Dust-filtering Unit comprises a disc filter (disc filtering net, revolving slit type suction nozzle, sealed tank), fiber separating compressor and dust exhaust fan.

The Second Stage Dust-filtering Unit comprises Honeycomb dust-filter (small and big vehicles, suction arm, drum hag, sealed tank), bag shape dust collector, fine dust compressor and dust-collecting fan.

Main functions of the filter is to separate and collect the fibrous impurities in the air being processed. The dust is detained at the disc net and sucked off using a revolving slit type nozzle by dust exhausting fan then dropped out after compressed by a fiber separating compressor. The separated air is returned to the First Stage Dust-Filtering Tank.