Thermo & Chemical Bonding Ovens

Thermo bond oven for non-woven products are built in either double or single belt design to accommodate every possible process, the heating medium in general is with direct fired gas burner systems precisely controlled air flows. 

The belts are selected to suit the process and the fibers in use, from metal to glass fiber belt types in wide or narrow mesh designs. 

Ovens are available in single or triple pass design 

Thermo Bond Calendar    

The hot oil heated thermo bond calendar design is delivered in two executions, one with a two roll design for nip and S loop treatment of light weight non woven material.
The high capacity design is with 3 rolls for specialty effects such as soft and singed sides finishes as well as for S loop combinations.

Both designs can be delivered with electrical heaters and oil filled calendar rolls or with a separate hot oil generator and double jacketed calendar rolls with rotary joints.

Working widths of up to 7000 mm 

Finishing and Application Padder

For either liquid or foam application to non-woven an application Padder is used followed by a drying and curing oven or tenter frame 

Coating Equipment

Coating of non woven material with PU, PVC or other substances is accomplished by using either a roll or knife over table coating machinery followed by a drying and curing oven or tenter frame. The accuracy and flexibility in adjustments of the coating machine is important for the finished products as well as for raw material savings. 

Saturation Resin Application    

This method is used to apply high amounts and concentration of resin onto a non-woven product by using a pre set solution in which the running nonwoven product is saturated, between each of the saturation tanks the materials is squeezed with a high pressure padder to retain the resin and ex- tract the water before entering the next step or the drying oven.

A non-woven saturation system usually contains 4 to 5 saturating chambers and 6 extraction padders with different presser settings.