Basic Card Synergy    

Basic Card Synergy    

High Capacity Carding Line

The TTS carding machine is of a modular design to facilitate service and maintenance. The standard Synergy of the carding machine with 1500 mm diameter main cylinder and double doffer system with quick exchangeable condensing or randomizer rolls, fiber doffing is with high-speed comb boxes and cleaning brush rolls.

Technical Parameter
Working Widths 1800/2200/2500/3000/3850 mm    
Web Weights 
14 to 80 g/m2 /Dofer    
Web Speed:
Condensed Web 
100 m/min    
Parallel Web 
120 m/min    
Main Cylinder Diameter 
1500 mm    
Breast Cylinder Diameter 
850 mm    
Number of Worker/Stripper 
Breast 3 Main 5    
Number of Doffers 2
Number of Condensing Rolls 2
Edge Suction Fan  2

Carding Line with Compression Chute Feed System 

Carding Line with Compression Chute Feed System 

Aero Dynamic Web Forming Machine (Air Lay)

The TTS air lay machine is available either in single or double section with quick exchangeable feed section to accommodate all kind of fibers at the maximum evenness and side-to-side weight distribution, weight in machine direction is controlled via built in belt scale system.

The machine is suitable for high loft products from 6 to 200 mm depending on weight and fiber opening.

Product weight from <300 to 2500 gsm
Working widths from 1.2 to 4.0 meter
Capacity 2.500 kg/hr.

depending on fiber and product weight

High Loft Web Former

This type of web former is equipped with a large diameter-condensing roller to achieve the maximum in loft. The web forming section is easy accessible for maintenance and cleaning all covers operated pneumatically, the forming sections are connected to a filtration system for dust control.

The air lay equipment is suitable for either thermo, chemical or dry powder resin bonded products.

Upper Condenser Roll Diameter     400 mm
Lower Condenser Roll Diameter     800 mm

Each independently driven for to achieve desired fiber orientation. 

Web Forming Section
with Safety Doors

The TTS air lay equipment is delivered meeting all OSHA requirements including safety protection for the operator while maintaining the maximum of accessibility. 

Retracted Web Forming Air Fan

The web forming air fan system
is completely retractable from the web former to access the individual fan assemblies retraction is via pneumatic cylinders and operated from the HMI control panel.

Air Fan speed infinitely adjustable from 900 to 2100 rpm, Licker-In Roll Diameter 400 mm

Licker-In roll,
saw tooth wired or with pin lags
1200 to 2500 rpm 

Belt & Carriage Cross Lapper

Our cross lapper system is made in two executions, the basic design for low input speed requirements, and the high-speed system for maximum production speed to meet the carding machine delivery speed.

The basic design is with single PVC feed belts with incorporated belt guid- ing device, cross lapping is executed with a mechanical carriage system controlled by timing belt drives for accuracy.

The high speed cross lapper is built in double belt execution the fibers are fed into the lapper via a double belt and continuously carried throughout the lapper between the belts for better fiber control and the least distortion. All drives are servo controlled.

Feed speed basic design lapper up to 50 m/min
Feed speed high-speed double belt lapper up to 110 m/min

Working width from 2500 to 7000 mm 

15 Roll Web Drafter    

Web drafter design with up to 15 saw tooth wired rolls interact- ing in series of three rolls to re orient the fibers from the cross lapper to even out the fiber laydown as well as drafting out weight and increase line speed for light weight products to use the maximum carding machine capacity.

The upper rolls are lifted by hydraulic cylinders to allow free passage of 1000 mm between the rolls, each set of 3 rolls are controlled by servo motors for accuracy.

Working widths from 2500 to 7000 mm
Roll diameter
depending on working widths from 200 to 350 mm